Monday, May 26, 2008

High nutrition Food Storage

This is one of the best lists I have ever seen for a highly nutritional food storage base. This is a lot to take in so if you are a beginner take what you already use and save the rest in the back of your mind for later. Most people do not eat this way. In fact, Americans are dramatically NOT this way. I have a high desire to shift our family to this way of eating and hope to be on a diet very similar to the things that are listed at this link.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Points to remember for Beginners

1. Food Storage for the sake of food storage is completely worthless.
If you buy some prescribed set of food items that your family doesn't eat, you do not benefit. It is difficult to enjoy a home storage program as well when you resent the gazillion pounds of food taking up space that your family does not eat. This is the number one problem with long term storage options. That is why the church has recently changed its recommendations. The All is Safely Gathered In pamphlet outlines a great priority list for a home storage program. They recommend beginning with a three month supply of things you already eat. This is a wonderful suggestion and can really help a beginner.

2. Do not go into debt to store food.
We are counseled to avoid debt and buying food on credit does nothing more than place your family under additional undue stress. It is much wiser to purchase food a small amount at a time and build your program slowly.

3. Only try a few new recipes at a time.
If you want to try to make bread then focus your efforts on your skill. Make bread once a week and as you practice you will improve. This success is also key. You want to be confident in your abilities to use the food you have stored. By starting small you can improve the quality of your storage along with the quantity.

4. Lastly, begin your storage program by prayerfully considering the needs of your individual family. Every family is different. Space, number of people and personal preference are factors to consider and the Lord can help you to design a program that will work for you.

A home storage program is a way of life. It is a process of living simply and modestly that can bless you in so many ways. I feel so strongly about this as a principle. It is not just a temporal commandment. When we consecrate this effort in the act of following the prophet's counsel we are immensely and richly blessed.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

I am building up a stash for my sweet daughter's seven year old birthday coming up next month. I was excited to see the Hawaiian Tropics deal because one of the presents for her is a summer bag.
CVS Transaction #1:
2 lip balms $4
Colgate toothpaste $3
Spongebrush toothbrush $3
Sunglasses $7
Total: about $20
Coupons: $3 off $15, $1.00 mfr for colgate, $1.00 CRT for colgate, $1.00 toothbrush
paid $14.00 ECB's
Recieved $14.00 ECB's back

CVS Transaction #2:

Shick razor $9.99
One loaf bread $2.00
Canned chicken (for 72 hour kit) $3
Stickers for Wesley
Total: $19
Coupons: $3 off $15, $4 off razor
Paid $10 ECB's
Recieved $6 ECB's

I had a $10 off $10 purchase coupon so I went to check it out. I found these goggles on sale for $7.20 and the water gun was $5. I figured I would just pay the $3 or so out of pocket. When he rang it up the gun was marked down another couple of dollars so my final total was $.27! I was so excited because these items will go in Ayla's birthday bag.

So far for her birthday then I have:
1 set of summer pjs $10
1 woven bag from thrift store $.50
1 goggles and 1 water gun $.27
1 sunglasses and 1 lip balm $.00

I will probably spend a few more dollars for a hat and maybe her own sunscreen. Since she is having a birthday party this year that means I have a lot more to spend on party stuff! Hopefully I can work some of those things into the CVS budget as well. So her special day will be great and inexpensive.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My class

So, I'm teaching a class in a couple of weeks on preparedness (for those of you local 7 pm at the Pray's on May 22). I was hoping you guys would chime in on what you want to know, what are your needs, what do you have questions about. It would help me to organize and prepare my thoughts. I figure people always want to know how to cook with their food storage items but this is a basic class. I usually focus on what to have. Should I combine the information? Anyway, I'd like some input for anyone who would care to comment. Thanks.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Just Random thoughts

Well, I haven't been able to even think about food storage or even being frugal much. I'm hoping to get back on track now that the semester has ended. A few things I have been thinking:
The idea of storing food is one that indicates a lifestyle. I have often tried to quantify and make a hard and fast log of it. The truth is, its fluid, it changes with your families needs. Right now my family is consuming very different things than we did 6 years ago. I only had two children and I didn't know how to cook! I don't know that I've improved my cooking all that much but I have improved my nutritional knowledge. One big change that I hope to make this summer is to move us closer to a whole foods diet. We have been eating a lot of processed food and I for one am feeling it. I love whole foods. Whole grains, whole produce etc. An unfortunate part about eating that way is that fresh fruits and veggies don't last long. The only way to incorporate them is to store seeds (which I used to do also). Anyway, I digress. I will be working hard at beans, fresh produce and whole grains. Grains are a good back bone because they store really well, contain complete nutrients that are really good for us, and when done right are really yummy. I think that I can find a good balance. I have done it before. Well, now that I have inundated this post with completely random thoughts I will cut myself off. I will post Step 2 in the 72 hour kit plan, tomorrow.