Saturday, May 9, 2009

Breakfast for a Month

Crock Pot Oatmeal(x4)
French Toast (x4)
Cinnamon Rolls and Sausage(x4)
Omelettes (x2)
Crock Pot Rice Pudding (x2)
Breakfast Tart (x4)
Waffles or Pancakes (x4)
8 boxes of cereal
Homemade McMuffins (x4)

Supply List:

3 lbs. Steel Cut Oats
5 lbs. bacon
4 dozen eggs
8 boxes of Cereal
4 English Muffins
1 box of Bisquick

This wasn't so hard to plan. I definitely have more breakfast food on hand than I give myself credit for. I didn't include like flour, sugar, salt etc in my list things because I have those things in my long term storage. Several of these items can be made up ahead of time and stored for the month. I plan to make a large batch of cinnamon rolls this next week to freeze. The english muffins and cinnamon bread I use for french toast I buy at the bread store. I freeze those items already. If anyone has any more suggestions, this is a great list to expand.


Matriarchy said...

I've never been a Bisquik user - I find it almost as fast to mix up my own waffles and pancakes. But recently, my younger daughter started wanting to make those for herself, so I wanted to make it easier for her. I found a recipe for "homemade" baking mix, that uses stuff you have on hand in storage - flour, nonfat dry milk, sugar, salt, baking power, oil.

I make a batch of 6 cups, and divide it into 3 2-cup containers in the fridge. When she wants to make waffles, she takes it out, adds an egg, some milk, and a little more oil, and voila! Batter.

If you are buying staples in bulk, this is cheper than Bisquik, and just as easy, if you mix it in advance for the month. And, you can make it healthier by using half whole wheat flour - Bisquick doesn't do that.

It'll shorten your list a little.

Here is my adapted recipe:

GuGarden said...

I typically make my own batches of waffle and pancake mix but because of my schedule I have bought it. I will go back to mixing up myself this summer. THanks for reminding me :)

Anonymous said...

You could easily add some fruit to the mix with some canned fruit on the top of waffles or in oatmeal. That would add some nice variation as well. When I lived in the Philippines, we had rice at every meal and one thing we had often was a rice porridge called congee. It's just rice and water but once you add flavoring is really good. Recipe here:

Shaeleen Clark said...

I couldn't get the crock pot oatmeal recipe it said the site was down or something like that... could you publish on your site so I could get it. Also, I noticed that in your supply list you didn't list any sausage as you listed it with your cinnimon rolls, is that because you already have sausage on hand and only need to buy bacon? just wondering. Thanks, Great ideas, mind if I copy? :)