Friday, June 6, 2008

More on 72 hour kits

I recieved a question from a reader (dare I say I have a reader?) She asked about the difference between premade kits and ones you build yourself. I'm not a big fan of MRE's. Most of the ready made kits I've seen contain loads of them. At Emergency Essentials right now, a one person kit runs about $60. This isn't bad I guess. Its convenient and easy. However, I have four kids with varying degrees of taste preference, age, and nutritional needs. My two oldest children need more calories than the babies and Abby doesn't even have any teeth! So, for our family I feel it works for me to build the kit slowly over time using canned food and other items that can be easily stored and are familiar and comforting. One thing I feel really strongly about with regard to preparedness is that during times of stress and worry and fear is not a good time to introduce a whole lot of brand new food. For families who do not have the same kinds of concerns this may not be an issue. But for me, if I have to evacuate my family and my children are terrified of being hurt of losing our home I don't want them to not eat. So far, food wise I have purchased a box of instant oatmeal ($3) and hot chocolate ($2) and I have five cans of tuna and chicken which I have worked into my CVS deals for free. Buying large packages of things and breaking them down works too. I might get a case of beef stew at Costco next time or a large box of gummy bears. In this way, I feel like it eases my budget and I can get things that are fun and tasty. Another thing I add a little at a time is first aid items. Most of the other things that you would need in an emergency like clothing and toiletries you probably have in your home right now, they just need to be gathered. I have started with a prepackaged first aid kit and then added to it, items that I think we might need (like antacid). I will be adding to the lists in the side bar as time goes on for more ideas of things to include in your kit.


kirjote said...

Excellent! I can totally do cocoa and oatmeal!

I will be an even more faithful reader of this blog as I try to prepare us for a move to NoLa right in the middle of hurricane season!

I have done very little so far and am feeling a bit panicky...

but I DO have a bin that contains flashlights, fake milk, some travel-size toiletries, 4 cans of peaches and about 5000 tampons (seems a little disproportionate, but I give myself an "A" for feminine care effort)!!

It's a beginning!

GuGarden said...

I think you are probably good on the tampons. Might want to add some FOOD to that list :)

Shortcake1030 said... has an emergency kit and food storage kit calculator. It lets you put in the ages and genders of all the people in your plan and it calculates everything you'll need. You can specify the length of time you'll be using the supplies as well. This resource is a great way to save money and get exactly what you need.

Anonymous said...

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