Sunday, June 8, 2008

First Month

1. Find a suitable container for your kit. Many containers are appropriate, inluding a backpack, suitcase, trunk, box, bucket or garbage container. Backpacks for each family member (even young children) are probably the easiest way to transport supplies. You also need to decide if you need more than one container. A bucket can easily be utilized as a toilet or water carrier or other tool for a variety of situations. Consider this as you plan your container.

2. Pack your clothing for each family member. Every family member needs appropriate clothing for three days. Make sure to include socks, underwear, outerwear and shoes. These items can be stored in plastic storage bags to keep them dry in your container. Also make a note on your calender to check your kit every six months to make necessary size adjustements.

3. Plan your breakfast menus. Food chosen for your kit should be nonperishable, canned, powdered, or dried. Look for items that require no cooking (or minimal as in hot chocolate) and no refridgeration. Take into account special diet requirements, infant needs and family preferences. If you choose to include items that need minimal cooking make a list of cooking tools and utensils you will need. Some ideas include the following:

drink mixes
instant hot cocoa
powdered milk
canned juices
granola bars
instant oatmeal
dry cereal
nutritional drinks (like carnation instant breakfast)

These are just some things to get you started. There are many prepackaged items that are healthy and long lasting available.

4. BUY the food. Once you select your items purchase them. Good intentions do not satisfy hungry bellies.

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kirjote said...

clothing?!?! crap! I'm going to need another bin!