Sunday, September 20, 2009


It seems that I can never quite escape the feeling that I need to do more in preparing my family against emergencies. Its on the back burner of my mind consistently bubbling and never running out of steam. Within the last few weeks I have begun to percolate much more forcefully. Will we be able to survive a dramatic rise in taxes? Will we be able to eat well during a time of dramatic economic downturn? As these things are coming to the forefront of my consciousness I am highly motivated to get my kitchen in order. I cleaned out an entire cabinet last night. Labeled everything and made places for things. It seems that one of the reasons that we have not been utilizing our space or our food very effectively is because my system is all out of whack. I don't have the brain space to have to think and dig all the time through what we have. Hopefully, this will help us to be more efficient. Also, labels help those (like husbands) to find what they are looking for.


Thom said...

Organization certainly helps, though I've found that even with a good system you still have to plan some time every 3-6 months to go back through everything and re-organize. Until I find a better system for rotating items, anyway.

And yes, this is an excellent time to be getting your food storage in order. As someone who has been out of work for nearly a year, it's been a great comfort to know we've got it.

And at the risk of looking like a comment spammer, my sister is running a terrific website along the same lines as this, only with a broader self-reliance theme: The Knot in the Rope. Check it out sometime. I write a few posts there from time to time, too.

Matt said...

Mimi, I have been trying to figure out a way to contact you (email) Could you drop me a line when you get a second, we live in Houston and I want to ask you a couple of questions. our email is (Matt & Jodie)

Kecia said...

My mother found a book that provides a great way to easily organize your food storage. It's called "it's in the bag meals." Basically you break your food storage up into ingredients for a meal and put it in a bag, with the (bottled) water necessary for preparing it, a recipe and an expiration date. We have been transitioning our food storage to this method, and it makes rotating so easy!