Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Soooo school.

Well, I am once again deeply in the midst of school avalanche. I apologize to any readers out there who might have been looking forward to my actually posting on this blog. However, at the current moment I am thinking I will probably not be doing much blogging over here. Like for a year. I am going to leave it up though because I think I have a great start and hopefully, someday, after graduation, I can add to it. Thanks for supporting me those of you out there who have stopped by.


Sara R said...

Sorry you're taking a break! I've enjoyed the information on your blog.

We have set up a food storage group blog at http://mormonfoodstorage.blogspot.com. Please come on over, take a look, and even make a post or two if you like!

kirjote said...

it's still a helpful resource as it is, so definitely leave it up - just know you are helping the people of new orleans- i've been surprised how many people down here don't even really know how to put together a 72 hour kit - glad they made it through katrina anyway :-)!!!

The Gallands said...

AWWWWWW- I love this blog- I will keep checking for random posts though. Maybe you'll get to one or two in the school year.