Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tom Thumb

This was a last minute trip. I forgot a couple of things at the grocery store on Tuesday so I had to stop in again. I hate it when that happens. They had a coupon (a store one) for 4 boxes of cereal for $4. There was a minimum purchase of $10 so I figured I'd work in the things I needed so I could get another deal. I needed the brown sugar, ziplocs and edamame. The muffin mix is for treats for the kids lunches. My total before coupons was 28.50. I had $10 in store specials and $10 in mfr coupons. So my final total was $8.62. It was a good opportunity to pick up things I needed and get some extra things for free.

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The Collingwood Family said...

Hey, Mimi, I LOVE your blogs!!! Good job on getting into those pants! You look great! I will definitely be checking back here for more food storage inspiration. It's been on my mind lately.